YUNCHENG PINGUAN HOUSING MANUFACTURE STOCK CO.,LTD. is a joint-stock enterprises. Company mainly USES the EPC high strength gray cast iron motor type and numerical control machine tool castings, ductile iron car parts, casting aluminium alloy enclosure, cast copper alloy vessels, is China"s first successful adoption of advanced electric cabinet dissolved mold casting of process and casting aluminum alloy enclosure, casting of copper alloy shipping enterprises. EPC technology has incomparable advantage, therefore be casting industry at home and abroad as the casting technology and casting industry of the 21st century"s green revolution.

  Company successively with the xi"an technological university EPC production-study-research cooperation. In recent years, the company hired a dozen well-known EPC expert and professor. More than a dozen cooperative development of EPC new technology and proprietary technology; And xi"an, chengdu, Shanghai military enterprise cooperative development high precision requirement of EPC military castings, cooperative development of EPC meehanite motor casing material grain size small, high strength, small machining allowance, easy processing and small (tool wear), dimensional accuracy and surface roughness to achieve the level of precision casting, by home and abroad well-known machine manufacturers, numerical control machine tool manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, manufacturers of praise of the ship.

  Company has a pretest bubble machine, all kinds of mold, foam molding machine, molding equipment, vacuum equipment, environmental protection, casting equipment, drying equipment, electric equipment, shot blasting deoxidization before furnace equipment, alloy chemical analysis and rapid thermal analysis, conventional mechanical equipment instrument, etc. Main production processes are lost foaming and molding process, mold drying process, EPC coating process, the modelling process, using the intermediate frequency electric furnace alloy smelting process, casting machine casting process, deoxidization paint the shotblast cleaning and inspection process, etc.

  The company mainly produces YB3 series, Y2 series motor shell, a year to Siemens, FU TAI sie motor, Hunan electric group co., LTD,CNR group yongji motor factory and Fast Auto Drive Company, Cummins Engine Company manufacturers to provide more than 15000 tons of EPC casting. Also exported to France, Germany, Italy, America, Japan and Europe and the United States and developed countries, favored by the majority of customer satisfaction and admiration. Company annual capacity of 30000 t, casting target casting capacity of 40000 t. Company"s motor housing casting surface is smooth, beautiful appearance and watertight pore-free without grinding, casting, casting with high precision, small machining allowance, high yield and high cost performance, only cost is lower than similar products cost.

   YUNCHENG PINGUAN HOUSING MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD with advanced EPC technology, quality products, good credit, through the staff work together to EPC by the broad masses of customers and praise. The company passed the GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, the casting relevant quality certification by the European Union.

   Company tenet clients with scientific and technological innovation service. Adhering to the quality, integrity, price comprehensive service concept, wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to discuss cooperation. At the same time also continues to mold, material, and to figure processing all kinds of casting business.


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