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Why is my internet slow?

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Why is my internet slow

You may also have the experience of not getting internet speed as specified. This is a common complaint of many internet users.

Therefore, we have revealed the main 6 reasons for slow internet in this blog.

1. Internet package

Internet packages also play a major role in slow internet. Currently, when using the internet from a single mobile, 8 to 10 Mbps is consumed.

Due to this, many devices depend on the Internet. A high speed internet speed is required for that.

2. Sharing the Internet

Most people run the Internet by sharing, the more users there are, the slower the Internet becomes. For that, the internet should not be shared among many people.

3. Internet insecure

Random sharing of Wi-Fi passwords makes the internet slow and unsafe. For that, the user needs to change the password and restart the router through their user application.

Similarly, through such a user application, one can view devices connected to Wi-Fi, block unnecessary devices and get support tickets.

4. High optical power

The signal coming from the fiber cable to the router is called optical power. Generally, optical power ranges from 14 to 24 dBm (decimal milliwatts).

If the optical power is more than mentioned above, the internet will be slow. Some internet service providers have provided the facility to view the optical power through the user application.

5. Location of the router

Where the router is placed has a lot of influence behind slow internet. If the router is placed in the middle of all the living areas, you can get the optimal internet speed.

You can test yourself how much internet speed you get when you put Wi-Fi in which place. If you have to stay far away from a Wi-Fi location, you can use Wi-Fi Extended.

6. Slow or old equipment

Internet slowness does not always mean that there is a problem with Wi-Fi. In some cases, the internet is slow due to the device you are using.

If the device you are using; If computers, phones, tablets are old, they may not process the currently available internet speed.

Similarly, even if the router is an old model, there is a problem of slow internet. You can upgrade your router to a 5 GHz dual band router to experience the best internet speed.

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